Cyber Sport Pricing

$12 per person for up to 10 players. Each session last about 30 minutes.

All players must be at least 54" tall and less than 300 lbs.

All players must have a signed waiver. Click here for waiver

A Cyber Sport Session

Each session includes a briefing in the beginning and a short practice session for players to practice maneuvering their vehicles. Then players compete in three 7 minute rounds.

Cyber Sport

Cyber Sport is a highly competitive two-team game that accommodates up to ten players who compete 5 against 5. It's a combination of lacrosse and basketball on custom-designed Cyber Cars. Two teams of up to five players each pass around a ball using one-handed scoops. Goals are scored by shooting the ball through the opposing team's goal.
The first session of the day is 30 minutes after opening and the last session is one hour before closing unless previous reservations are made.
Players must be 54" tall to play. All players need an activity waiver to play (signed by parent or legal guardian if under 18). Click here for waiver

The Cyber Cart

The Cyber cart is an impressive quick little cart the turns and spins on a dime. Driving is control by a joystick making it easy for all players. Race up and down the court in a few seconds or spread out and play a more strategic game. You will have a blast just driving the cart.


Players shoot the ball with their cyber racket. Balls that enter the goal count as a score. There is a "5 point line" on each end of the court. Shots made inside this line are 3 points and longer shots outside this line are 5 points.