Treat Your Team!

You'll know it's teambuilding - they'll call it fun!


Whether it is a time to celebrate, unwind or have a structured event you're looking for, Lazer Kraze offers a great place for the ultimate office event. The competitive high-tech, team-oriented game of laser tag, or Cyber Sport (Whirlyball) provide competitive fun for your team. The large arcade provide fun-based activities which can be designed for casual bonding. Combining these activities with private meeting rooms, catering, pizzas, smaller private break-out rooms, WiFi, winner's certificates or t-shirts makes for a great environment to bring a little fun to your business!

Our Gahanna, Ohio location is conveniently located about 20 minutes northeast of downtown Columbus.

Cyber Sport

Cyber Sport is a highly competitive two-team game that accommodates up to ten players who compete 5 against 5. It's a combination of lacrosse and basketball on custom-designed Cyber Cars. Two teams of up to five players each pass around a ball using one-handed scoops. Goals are scored by shooting the ball through the opposing team's goal.
The first session of the day is 30 minutes after opening and the last session is one hour before closing unless previous reservations are made.
Players must be 54" tall to play. All players need an activity waiver to play (signed by parent or legal guardian if under 18). Click here for waiver

Laser Tag & Teambuilding Events

laser tag and teambuilding

Lazer Kraze's state-of-the-art laser tag systems have game formats designed specifically for team-building. A variety of individual and team-oriented games requiring different levels of team participation and team skills make for great exercises to bring your team together. Team formats include the basic two team game requiring basic team skills coordinating offensive and defensive efforts to maximize your team's score. Base Flags and Commander require a great degree of collaboration as individuals on your team must play different roles and more advanced requirements are introduced like recharging your vests. We will work with your event coordinator to select the appropriate games for your team building event.


Call to Book Your Event Today!


Corporate events may be held any time of day, any day of the week during closed hours for a private event or during open hours. Your group may come in any time we're open without reservations though we do recommend reservations to minimize your wait time. During open hours, you may have private missions or play along with other customers- just let us know what you're looking for.

If you would like to come in during the day when we're not open to the public or after hours, please call us to make a reservation. 614-656-8216

If you prefer to come in during our open hours, we can schedule private games and a private room for your group so you still have a private event. Reservations are required.


There are several pricing alternatives for all adult groups ranging from private use of the entire facility to just participating in standard missions. If one of these doesn't fit your needs call us for more information!

$360 Team BuildingUp to 36 players for introductory mission plus 2 private missions (during open hours)
$525 Team BuildingUp to 36 players for introductory mission plus 3 private missions (during open hours)
$900 2 Hrs private facility use Any time Day or Night that we’re not open to the public; Laser Tag Team-Building format or Tournament play, arcade tournaments, large private meeting rooms, and catering make a great place for a fun event

These prices are based on open hours on weekdays and larger groups but Lazer Kraze is available for use 24/7 and discounts may be available for smaller groups. Please call us for custom pricing for your specified time for your size group.

Add on Options

Meeting Room Rental Start off the day with business in a private meeting room
Catering City BBQ, On the Border, Bucca De Beppo, Subway, pizza and salads, and many other options available
Arcade packagesEven if someone cannot participate in other activities employees can still have a great time in our large arcade. Perhaps a Skee ball tournament, Xtreme Hoops, Pump it Up competition or just have fun socializing with co-workers with a twist on the classic game of air hockey- 4 way play!
Fountain Drinks and other ConcessionsWe offer Pepsi products and provide a variety of concessions options to meet your event needs


All Cyber Sport participants or the parent/legal guardian of minor participants must read, understand and complete a waiver to jump. Click here to complete waiver

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