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Laser Tag Pricing
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Groups 10-15$7$13$17
Groups 16-30$6$12$16
Groups 31+$5$10$15

The Systems

Lazer Kraze has invested in the newest, top laser tag system in the world. Designed from the ground up, the system offers some of the newest and most advanced features with many more to come. Some of the many advanced features include...
Color Phaser Displays, Power-Ups, Mines, Advance Game & Arena Sound Interaction, Winner Recognition, and a 3D scoreboard

The Vests
Our vests combine the latest wireless technology, LED lights, a cool alien green laser with the greatest playability for all ages being the lightest vests available.

Who's the Lazer Master?
Winner Recognition: Winner recognition is the ultimate reward for the mission winner. The winning player's vest lights up sparkling white as you return to the vesting room at the end of a mission. There is no doubt who was the Lazer Master of the mission!

Power Ups!
Increase the intensity with the ultimate in Power Ups. Power ups are special powers granted to players for short periods of time. Power Ups include:

Invincibility: When granted invincibility your vest cannot be tagged by any player. Hurry to a team base or outpost to maximize your score

Stealth Mode: When granted stealth mode your vest lights go off and your vest appears to be deactivated. This is a great time to move to a better position in the arena

Rapid Fire: Your phaser is energized with rapid fire.

Shields: Your phaser activates shields. When your shields are active, tags are deflected and you do not power down. Each tag depletes some of your shields power and your vest lights will dim but you are not deactivated. After 3 tags your shield's power is depleted and you can once again be tagged.

What power up will you get and how will you use it?

Own the arena by capturing mines. Mines are devices in the arena that randomly tag players. You can capture a mine by tagging it when it's activating then you get the points for all who get tagged by the mine.

Mission Formats
We have many game formats designed for a variety of challenges ranging from solo play and general team play, to structured team building and advanced games to challenge the most experienced players.

459 Orange Point Drive, Suite B, Lewis Center, OH 43035   (740) 548-7788
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Laser tag missions are typically run every 20 minutes beginning 10 minutes after we open each day. Each game is 12 minutes in length but takes about 20 minutes from the time you go in to briefing until the time you come out after your mission is over. When your mission is called, you go into the briefing room where you learn how to play, how to use the equipment and the safety rules that must be followed. Once you’ve been briefed on your mission, you’ll head into the Vesting Room to vest up and get ready to go into the laser tag arena for some awesome, high-tech fun!

The Experience

Imagine being equipped with a high-tech phaser and vest, entering into a futuristic outpost somewhere in the galaxy. Haze fills the air, faintly you hear mission control issuing commands over soft celestial sounds. Then suddenly a loud broadcast "Get ready" and pulsating music begins to play, your phaser and vest activate and with a final broadcast "Get Ready! GO!" You are part of the most high-tech game on the planet!

The Briefing
Your experience begins with a mission briefing. In the mission briefing room you will be instructed by our friendly staff on how to use the equipment, play the game by tagging an opposing vest to score points, how to destroy bases and outposts and any instructions specific to the game format you are playing.
After the briefer has answered any questions and made sure all players understand the game, a few safety rules will be covered and teams are formed.

Vesting Up
Now it's time to vest up and start the action! The vesting room is the last stop before entering the training field to play the ultimate high tech game. Here your briefer, marshal, and party coaches are readily available to help. Don't forget the phaser goes in the front. Members can use their own personal membership button to assign their code name and record their score in our members database.

The Arena
Lazer Kraze is home to 3DX Scenic Studio's only themed multi-level laser tag arena. This professionally-themed one-of-a-kind design plays and looks like no other arena in the U.S. Designed for the Ultimate laser tag experience, this arena offers distinct playing levels, team bases, and outposts. Each level offers unique playing opportunities and challenges with good visibility and not too much "Maze" effect for optimal play. Even small groups will have a BLAST in the arenas designed for professional players!

arena1 arena2 arena3
arena4 arena5 arena6
arena7 arena8 arena9

Mission Results
Upon completion of your mission check out the scoreboard to see who's earned bragging rights. The system scoreboard shows real-time play-by-play game events and statistics during the mission and summarizes the mission results displaying the total team scores, individual scores and ranking of each player. For even more details like who you tagged, your hit ratio and accuracy ranking, pick up your individual scorecard at the command center counter.

Lazer Kraze Video shot in Arena
Check out this video clip shot in our laser tag arena. Thanks to CBTheNueMan.

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